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Welcome to Sunrise!


  • A community where children and adults with special needs are treated with love and respect.
  • Using horses and the farm environment as facilitators to assist those with special needs to reach their full potential giving them the tools and support to play a meaningful role in their community.
  • Become financially viable by developing sustainable funding sources.

Sunrise Mission Statement

"To develop the full potential of children and adults with disabilities and lead them closer to independence through a therapy, recreation, horse riding, life skills and farm related activity program."

Everybody included in Camp!

Marginalized children need recreational opportunities too!

              included in Camp!Sunrise is a program with a difference.  We embrace inclusion.  Our goal is to provide an accessible recreational program for children and youth of all abilities from Guelph, Cambridge and surrounding communities in Wellington County and beyond. We can all recognize that a child in a wheelchair or using a walker has a disability, but what about the child who has a learning disability, or has faced a challenging home situation?  The disabilities that have the most impact on a child’s life are often the ones that are not seen.

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